Special Program

We provide the following services:

1. Specialist Medical Checkup

  • Specialist Medical Checkup by appointment basic of the specialist on request

2. Special Discount Medical Checkup Packages

    • (i) Silver Package
    • (ii) Gold Package
    • (iii) Diamond Package
    • (iv) Cancer Screening Package
    • (v) Viral Screening Package
    • (vi) Pre-operative Package
    • (vii) Pre-employment Package

  • ေဖာ္ေရြပ်ဴ ငွာေသာ ၀န္ထမ္းမ်ား

  • သက္ေတာင့္သက္သာႏွင့္ က်ယ္၀န္းေသာ ေစာင့္ဆိုင္းေနရာ

  • ဆရာ၀န္ သူနာျပဳမ်ားက ဂရုတစိုက္ စစ္ေဆး

  • လြတ္လပ္စြာ တိုင္ပင္ေဆြးေႏြး ႏိုင္ပါသည္

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  • - Medical check up programs, done by well-organized & well-trained doctors.
  • - Assisted by service co-ordinators, minimizing your precious time.
  • - Special advices, correct diagnosis & good counselling with courtesy.
  • - Any local & foreign companies can achieve satisfaction with their employees medical care & health problems.
  • - Regular medical checkup, pre-employment medical checkup for all companies, organizations & groups including shipping lines as their desire.
  • - Offering Special Discount Program for regular loyal customers in the near future.