About Us

Bahosi Hospital is a free standing Multi-Disciplinary Specialist Center located at Building no. 31-36, 1-2, 5-6, Kunvaram Hospital was opened in 1994 and has been providing health services to patients with the motto “ Health for All” . The Central Hospital is a 150-bed hospital located in Lam Maw Township. It is located at the corner of Bochup Aung San Road and Wah Tan Road in the central real estate compound. As you enter from the Wah Tan Road side, you are greeted by trained staff waiting under the portico. If you are going to help the patient and show him to the OPD (outpatient), go to the building on the left (Building B). If you are a patient going to the hospital, you will be directed to the right building (Building-A). The driver will be arranged to park conveniently.

This Bahosi Hospital is founded by Pioneer Services International Company Limited since 1st July 1994. There is a reception desk at the entrance of PSI C on the left side of Building-B. You can ask when it is available and make a booking. There are also people who book in advance by phone. If there is a doctor he wants to meet, he will direct him to the floor where the doctor is.

When you arrive at your desired floor, the waiting staff will direct you to the specialist doctor you want to meet, and you can sit comfortably in the lounge chairs in front of the room and wait for your turn. There are enough air conditioners to keep you comfortable while you wait, and interesting TV channels are on. There are clean restrooms on every floor for easy lounging.

While waiting comfortably for his turn, when his name is called, he can enter the doctor’s room and be shown. After the doctors had finished the examination, they had to take the patient’s record book, leave the examination room, and go to the cash register. After paying the bill, you can go to the pharmacy and buy the prescribed medicine. Pharmacists teach and explain exactly how to take medicine. If it needs to be checked in the laboratory, it will be taken to the sampling site, and the experts will use the new big modern machines to produce a precise answer. After making the next appointment, the car will be returned to the parking place.

There is an emergency department on the ground floor opposite the outpatient department (Building A). The emergency department is a department that provides emergency treatment to critically ill patients before admission. If you want to be hospitalized as an inpatient after showing up at the emergency department, bring the patient (or patient) to the Admission Service Department on the ground floor of (Building A) and record the patient’s personal information. Clean water as a gift to hospitalized patients. soap Tissues are also provided.

The staff in the department provided the services of the Central Hospital. The hospital’s procedures and regulations are fully explained. Patients can also ask what they want to know. Estimated cost of hospitalization It provides an approximate cost estimate for patients who will undergo surgery. After that, the patients are escorted to the room and arranged according to the instructions of the doctors. Doctors at every counter on every floor. Nurses are placed and Specialist AS (Specialist AS) are also assigned 24 hours a day to provide full-time responsibility for inpatient treatment.

The patient’s family does not need to worry about the patient. Buying medicine, injecting Doctor on duty for all needs such as medical treatment. Nurses provide 24-hour round-the-clock services. Special nurses may also be called in to provide close care at the patient’s side. If the doctor instructs you to return to the outpatient department when you are discharged from the hospital after proper treatment, make an appointment. Planning of medications to be adhered to; Explaining the dos and don’ts Letters of recommendation are gratefully accepted. Before discharge from the hospital, the staff follow up on the difficulties and inconveniences of the patients and take care of their satisfaction.


To build a high quality healthcare system in the private sector. Our Vision For Next Phase To be a world-class hospital that meets the needs of patients and society today and in the future.


For the convenience of patients, the hospital is positioned as a hospital where cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive healthcare services are readily available at one place.


To become an internationally accepted health care facility. To create a high-quality testing service center using modern equipment and advanced technologies. To deal with medical problems with foreign medical institutions. International companies, To cooperate with business enterprises in a mutually beneficial business model and raise the future vision of the hospital.